Our mission is to provide opportunities to people who identify as helpers and healers for psycho-spiritual exploration, learning and personal growth through coaching, courses and community.

Our Why

Because the Universe needs You 

Helpers and Healers are Here on this Planet to do Important Work but because they give so much of themselves, they easily become Burned Out and Overwhelmed ultimately Giving Up or becoming Frustrated and Resentful.

Some reasons for this include:

  • Not knowing when enough is enough
  • Not aligning with right timing
  • Being unable to discriminate where their energy is best utilized
  • Being overwhelmed by conditioning
  • Leading with “shoulds” and “have to’s”


At Journey with Kindred Souls, LLC we believe that everyone has a unique potential to fulfill for both their individual Soul Actualization and for the Greater Evolution of the Universe.  We want to support you in Connecting with your True Self, Aligning with your Inner Wisdom and Actualizing your Potential.

Helpers and Healers

Helpers and Healers come in many shapes and sizes!  Some people may be helpers and healers through their J-O-B ie, a nurse, therapist, educator, etc.  Others may identify as helpers and healers through their volunteer work, their role in their family or with friends and neighbors.

If you see yourself as someone who helps others or sits with others in their healing process then this is the place for you!