Psychotherapeutic Reiki for Professionals

Level One

Psychotherapeutic Reiki is an approach to Reiki Assisted Psychotherapy that combines the wisdom of Reiki with Mindfulness, Eastern Energy Concepts and Western Psychology.   In his book, Psychotherapeutic Reiki: A Holistic Body-Mind Approach to Psychotherapy, Dr. Richard Curtin describes 4 practices (he adds a 5th practice, Heartfulness and Self Compassion in a later manual) using Reiki to support traditional psychotherapy practices.

In Psychotherapeutic Reiki for Professionals Level One, we will use Dr. Curtin’s book as a jumping off point for the use of Reiki to support clinical practice.  As psychotherapists, we have been trained in various ways to understand the ways in which the human mind. and sometimes, the human body/nervous system, works in order to facilitate emotional healing.  Reiki Assisted Psychotherapy introduces the energy body into this equation in order to bring mind, body and spirit into a cohesive state, optimal for healing and growth.

If you are a licensed or pre-licensed mental health therapist who is Reiki attuned and you have been wanting to use Reiki to support your clinical practice, this course is for you!

Applications are being accepted June 3, 2024 – September 1, 2024

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Articulate Psychotherapeutic Reiki and Table Work to clients and colleagues
  • Apply an energy model for understanding psychological challenges and symptom formation
  • Formulate a case conceptualization based on a synthesis of symptom presentation and energy field knowledge
  • Identify the 5 tasks of Psychotherapeutic Reiki and how to integrate them into clinical practice
  • Identify treatment techniques for exploring and releasing the effects of held trauma, energy and limiting core beliefs
  • Describe ethical and legal considerations for the use of Reiki in a clinical practice
  • Develop a personal Reiki practice to support your nervous system regulation in and out of professional session

Course Details:

  • 8 weekly 90 minute live classes including didactics and practice
  • 8 asynchronous modules including videos and written material
  • Opportunities for practice
  • Ongoing free and low cost group supervision
  • Access to a community of support within a dynamic learning platform

Course Value = over $1000

Current Price = $497

Register before June 30, 2024 and receive a $47 discount!

Watch our Discovery Q&A Call for more details about what to expect in the course

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