The Human Design system brings together concepts from Eastern/Western Astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, the Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Ancient Chinese I-Ching, Biochemistry and Quantum Mechanics as a way of understanding how our individual energetic blueprint moves through the world.  It is known as the “Science of Differentiation” as it seeks to show us our very own uniqueness and how to express our best selves for our highest good and the highest good of humanity as a whole.


Traditional Human Design was brought into consciousness by Ra Uru Hu in 1987.  He was lead to share the information with humankind as a wake up call.  He spoke to what he called the “conditioned” or shadow parts of us with the goal of “awakening” and a shift from living from the “not-self” to the “authentic self” through understanding our unique design.

Quantum Human Design™, developed by Karen Curry Parker builds on traditional Human Design adding strength based and high frequency language and the power of story telling to help people take charge of their lives in alignment with who they really are.

As a helper and healer it is especially important for you to be aligned with your true and authentic self so that you can continue to fulfill your unique soul purpose without burn out, frustration, bitterness, disappointment and fatigue.

Limited Spots at a Discounted Rate

$125 for a 90 minute reading (a $245 value)

Quantum Human Design™  Chart Reading

(90 minutes)



Preparation work prior to session

A thorough review of your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile

A plan that you can implement right away to start experimenting with your very own unique energy blueprint

A video and audio recording of the reading

In a Quantum Human Design™  reading you will learn how your personal energy works in the world.

After your reading you will know:

  • Your best way to make decisions that align with what is right for you
  • How you can tap into your right work so that you can fill your well instead of giving from an empty vessel
  • How to live your life purpose both professionally and personally
  • How to create healthy relationships that honor who you are so you don’t feel drained by others
  • How to activate greater vitality and well-being so that you have sustained energy
  • What you can do today to start living a life that is aligned with the truth of Who You Are.

The Human Design reading with Jodi Silverman was so informative and validating! I had heard about Human Design in the Astrology World, but didn't know a lot about it. Going into the reading, I was hopeful it would provide me with learning more about myself. I RECEIVED SO MUCH MORE THAN MY INITIAL HOPES! Jodi basically validated my ENTIRE life of who I am and why I have experienced things the way I have. Finding out that my Design type is Orchestrator/Projector has helped me make so much sense of my life. It has also given me the COURAGE to share my knowledge and experience with the world in a bigger way. Thank you, Jodi for shining your light into the world and for encouraging others to do so, too! - KW

My human design reading was profound, as it provided insights about myself that I've never received before. I've done a lot of therapeutic work and introspection, but the information gained from the human design experience took my insight to the next level. Things I thought I was frustrated with in regards to my work, my internal sense of self, and my relationships made more sense as I was trying to be and connect in ways that were not aligned with my design. Through the Human Design reading, I learned how I am supposed to show up in this worldly experience. It taught me new ways to achieve my goals, personally, interpersonally & professionally. Jodi was knowledgeable and explained my design very clearly, which prompted me to really understand a lot of novel material. I am walking away from this experience with a more expansive view of myself & the world.

Jodi helped me connect to what was special about my human design. I learned to embrace my love of paradox, to tune in so that I don’t take on the wrong projects, and to be mindful about where I am being influenced by others. She helped me understand that my uniqueness serves a purpose. - Melissa