Are you a helper or healer in either your professional or personal life?

Are you feeling stuck in the space of wanting to help others and also feeling bitter, angry, frustrated and disappointed a lot of the time?

Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and others?


You have been working really hard to connect and align with yourself through such means as:

  • psychotherapy
  • traditional coaching
  • spiritual quests
  • retreats
  • psychedelic or shamanic journeys
  • past life regression


You have taken the Myers-Briggs and/or determined your enneagram type

You understand the impact of ancestral trauma and that healing yourself means healing those who came before and those who come after

You have gathered so much knowledge and understanding yet you can’t quite figure out how to operationalize all of it into your life


Soul Actualization Coaching uses Quantum Human Design™ to help you align with your ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT, connect with your INNER WISDOM and actualize your SOUL PURPOSE

Soul Actualization Coaching uses your Human Design to help you reach professional and/or personal goals through:

  • Knowing and understanding your authentic self
  • Rewriting your personal narrative using high vibration strength based language
  • Goal setting that is aligned with your soul purpose
  • Using your personal decision making strategy and authority as a gps for moving through the world



Price: $495.00


  • Quantum Human Design TM Chart Discovery Session with Goal Setting
  • 3 Follow up 30 minute Coaching Sessions

$1440.00 or 3 payments of $485.00


  • Quantum Human Design Chart Discovery
  • Initial and Ongoing Goal Setting
  • 3 Monthly 30 Minute Coaching Sessions over the course of 3 Months (9 sessions)

Single Sessions are appropriate for anyone who is interested in a follow up Soul Actualization session after a Chart Discovery Session or upon completing a Soul Actualization Coaching Package.

30 minute sessions: $95

60 minute sessions: $190